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介绍??Academic Phrasebank是曼彻斯特大学 John Morley博士 创建的学术短语库网站。它旨在提供一些根据研究论文或论文的主要部分进行组织的一些措辞“基本要点”的示例,通俗点说就是所有短语及句型皆来源于英语母语者的学术论文,为非英语母语的广大教师、学生、研究者设计以便进行学术论文写作时参考。??网站主要从Introducing Work、Referring to Sources、Describing Methods、Discussing Findings、Reporting Results、Writing Conclusions六大部分提供丰富的学术写作短语及句型。此外,一些常规语言表达也进行详实的举例。
??Academic Phrasebank网站对于需要报告其研究工作的研究者提供巨大帮助。短语及列出的标题可用于帮助大家思考自己写作的内容和架构,或者这些短语可以在适当的时候被纳入自己的写作中。在大多数情况下使用一个短语时,要在一定程度上进行灵活创造和适应。因此你可以在网站上找到含有具体内容短语的替换词。
注意:Academic Phrasebank中的项目大多内容中立,且来自于英语母语者的学术论文,因此在使用其中的内容时,并不是窃取别人的想法,也同样不构成剽窃。
举例Introduction中介绍主题或者关键词X对相关学科的重要性时:X has been the subject of many classic studies in …X has been instrumental in our understanding of …X is an increasingly important area in applied linguistics.The issue of X has received considerable critical attention.X has long been a question of great interest in a wide range of fields.总结结果时:Overall, these results indicate that …In summary, these results show that …In summary, for the informants in this study, …Together these results provide important insights into …Taken together, these results suggest that there is an association between …The results in this chapter indicate that … The next chapter, therefore, moves on to discuss the …为进一步的研究工作提出建议时:This research has thrown up many questions in need of further investigation.A greater focus on X could produce interesting findings that account more for …The issue of X is an intriguing one which could be usefully explored in further research.If the debate is to be moved forward, a better understanding of X needs to be developed.I suggest that before X is introduced, a study similar to this one should be carried out on …More information on X would help us to establish a greater degree of accuracy on this matter.描述过去的时间描述一种趋势还有好多地道表达等着你去发掘!


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