The Fiat 124 Spider with the scorpion emblem has been revised, having implemented the experience gained during the first two stages of competition and the ongoing development work performed by the Abarth team. Over 5,000 kilometers were driven to improve performance and dynamic behavior, and made the vehicle even easier to adjust. Many aspects of the Abarth 124 Rally 2019 were approached with the aim of improving the time per kilometer in the special stages. This goal was achieved by Abarth engineers through specific interventions on key mechanical components, engine electronics, transmission-gearboxes and grooming. Many data were collected during the first two stages of competition of the 124 Rally, without forgetting the practical experience in the field. The continued development work done by Abarth’s team of engineers and, last but not least, the great contribution of Italian test driver Alex Fiorio, complemented the experience gained in the previous two years of competition. In addition, more than 5,000 kilometers were tested, in addition to the distance already traveled in real rallies, using the same roads where many of the special stages were played. The aim was to provide customers with a better-performing, easier-to-adjust and at the same time easier-to-drive competition car perfect for both amateur and professional riders who look for the typical pleasure of vehicle overtaking of rear-wheel drive in rallies, in addition to excellent performances.

The main operations involved the following areas:

Engine – The main task was to improve delivery through specific actions to make the torque curve more linear. The torque curve is now flatter at all engine turns, particularly when more power at low speeds is required, a typical situation, for example, when leaving a curve with the engine at low engine speeds, making driving more efficient and simpler, allowing non-professional riders to do their best. The improved power delivery is the result of a careful calibration, tending to promote the smoothness and speed of response of the accelerator.

Transmission – The transmission part focused on the differential, with a new calibration of the lock and four adjustment modes (High / Medium / Low, Wet Grip) of the Traction Control System, which can be quickly selected by the driver on the steering wheel and which adjust the torque delivery of the motor to adapt it to the conditions of adhesion. In this way, the driver can intervene quickly according to the needs, changing the response of the car to the change of the conditions of adhesion, quickly and accurately, in any type of floor.

Gear Box – The gearbox was also subject to intervention in order to improve the maneuverability and speed of the changes. Specifically, the pneumatic actuator has been set to allow faster gears to accelerate and more gradual and smooth reductions to avoid rear axle locking.

However, it is possible to lock the rear axle, which is typical for rally driving, using the handbrake, which is even more effective thanks to the optimization of the driveline and subsequent calibrated insertion in traction for faster starts.

Preparation – Having a good interaction with the car and being able to adjust the preparation is crucial for the riders. For this reason, Abarth has worked on all components, improving asphalt adhesion and providing a kit for use on stretches of land. Also the front anti-fade effect was revised. The car now has a positive longitudinal oscillation effect on braking, which provides better driver awareness and facilitates progressive braking, while at the same time improving cornering behavior. All the specifics were subsequently developed to achieve a great overall result, which drivers can customize to suit their own driving style and course type.

Land kit – The development work also involved the preparation of the vehicle for dirt roads, creating a special kit that includes all the components needed to tackle this type of floor. A specific ground kit is available, which includes ground clearance increased by 40 mm, with a consequent increase in the stroke of the suspension, necessary to maintain constant contact of the tires even on the most difficult floors and to provide better traction and better dynamic behavior. The kit also includes brake discs compatible with specific 15-inch alloy wheels (instead of the 18-inch wheels used in asphalt) to reduce unsprung weight in order to optimize grip on particularly difficult floors. Asphalt and ground tires are required by R5 (and WRC) regulations to take advantage of the wide range of commercially available combinations.

2019 – FIAT 124 SPIDER

Finally, after a first video teaser that anticipated some details and the sound of the engine, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles presented in the United States the mid-life update of the current generation of the Fiat 124 Spider, which is renewed with exterior improvements, as well as also with some mechanical and equipment changes. The refurbished Fiat 124 Spider 2019 will continue to be offered in the Classica, Lusso and Abarth finishing levels. The aesthetic modifications are related to a few improvements in the Abarth version, which appears in the images, and which gains some details of series in the red color in the spoiler and the housings of the mirrors, in addition to new carpets Abarth. And then the changes end. The Abarth 124 Spider retains the same 1.4-liter MultiAir turbo engine, a four-cylinder block that develops 170 hp of power and a maximum torque of 250 Nm, coupled with a six-speed manual transmission or SequenzialeSportiv automatic transmission which can be operated through paddle shifts behind the steering wheel. One of the few mechanical improvements is related to the new sport escape signed by Record Monza. The infotainment system features a 7.0-inch touchscreen and now offers Sirius XM satellite radio in the United States. Fiat also ensures that it has reduced noise from outside thanks to improvements in sound insulation and windshield, as well as improvements in vibration. For now the manufacturer has not revealed what the prices of the updated roadster will be, but for the changes there should be no differences compared to the previous model. The Italian convertible improves its appeal with this subtle mid-life upgrade, which at least in the American version does not show great news. It remains to wait for the version with European specifications to find out if it will show more news than its North American pair.

2019 – FIAT 500

In July the Italian brand announced important changes in the line of the Fiat 500. At that time the Italian manufacturer had chosen to reduce the mechanical supply of its small urban to a single gasoline engine. This is to prepare for the imminent entry into force of the WLTP cycle. The diesel engines and even the adapted version for the use of LPG would be with the days counted. Now, shortly thereafter, Fiat decided to enrich the offer of its urban model introducing important news. Available for both body types (coupe and cabrio), the brand has confirmed the arrival of a new 0.9 literTwinAir Turbo petrol engine of 85 hp and 145 Nm of maximum torque. It is coupled to a six-speed manual transmission and a front-wheel drive system. It announces an average consumption of 21.3 km / l and CO2 emissions of 108 g / km. The other gasoline engine, the 1.2-liter 69 hp and 102 Nm engine, will continue in line. This mechanic is available with both manual and automatic transmission, both five-speed and in any case with front-wheel drive. With the manual transmission the average consumption is of 19.6 km / l and the CO2 emissions are in 116 g / km. On the other hand, not least, Fiat confirmed the imminent return of the GLP version based on the 1.2 hp engine of 69 hp.

Regardless of all of these changes to the Fiat 500’s line of engines, the Italian model will continue to enjoy the same levels of finishing and the two special editions that continue to be marketed today. Both the 500 and 500 C can be configured in the following levels of finish: Pop, Lounge, S, Mirror and Collezione. Among the most relevant standard equipment included in each of the finishes are: central locking with remote control, automatic climate control, electric windows, height-adjustable leather-wrapped steering wheel, height adjustable driver’s seat, FM / AM Dual Tuner with 5.0 or 7.0 inch screen and USB connection, fixed sunroof (Fiat 500 only), 15-inch alloy wheels, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Uconnect Live Services, cruise control, slightly tinted rear windows, Pack Uconnect Link, fog lights, etc.

2019 – FIAT 500 120TH

Undoubtedly having special versions and personal decorating can be definite to attract certain buyers who are tired of buying the same as most. The success of the Fiat 500 in part has to do with the many customization possibilities and the special series. The latest special edition comes out to celebrate Fiat’s 120 years of life and although initially the 500 that carries the surname ‘120th’, the 500L and 500X can also be purchased with this special edition, but a little later. Fiat chose the Geneva Motor Show to show the new ‘120th’. In the case of the popular 500, stands out for its body with the bottom painted white and the ceiling / mirrors in black. Also striking are the 16-inch alloy wheels in a dark tone, but with bronze accents. In the interior, the atmosphere is also dark, something necessary to achieve a more sporting atmosphere. The central part of the panel carries a black sticker with the vehicle logo, while the upholstery is unique to this version, with thin, white bands. Rugs will be another differentiating element. According to the markets, the equipment can be quite complete. Among the most important elements are automatic climate control, fixed or sliding glass sunroof, retractable canvas roof (500C), parking sensors, speed control, automatic lights, etc. The multimedia system is the well-known UConnect with a screen up to 7.0 inches high quality. It has compatibility with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, commands on the steering wheel, USB, access to applications, etc. The engine offer for the model will include the 1.2 FIRE of 69 hp, the version of this engine adapted to the GLP and the 0.9 TwinAir with 85 hp.

2019 – FIAT 500 L

The popular Italian MPV makes important changes to face what remains of the year and continue to deal in a niche market where it remains one of the favorite options of European drivers. The success of the 500 L is unquestionable and has consolidated as one of the most relevant models of Fiat. Regarding the changes in the 2019 line, we first have the fact that the level of finish Pop Star was renamed as Urban. Also introduced was the S-Design finish, which is based on the City Cross finish, but enhances its equipment with 17-inch alloy wheels, slightly darkened rear windows and front fog lights. For its part, the finish City Cross changes wheels, and the previous 17-inch alloy are replaced by new, but 16 inches. DAB radio and mobile integration now come as standard on the City Cross and Cross models. The Lounge finish features the Uconnect infotainment system with a 7.0-inch touchscreen. In short, these are the finishing levels that make up the 2019 line of the Fiat 500 L: Urban, City Cross, Lounge, S-Design and Cross. Optional Red Brakes and Pack Connect equipment packages are no longer available. As far as the mechanical part is concerned, the changes are equally important as the number of available engines has been reduced considerably. In the gasoline line there is only a single mechanic, a 1.4-liter 16-liter Fire engine of 95 hp that comes coupled to a six-speed manual transmission and a front-wheel drive system. On the contrary, in the diesel line the options are bigger. It features a 95-hp 1.3-liter Multijet engine, available with either five-speed manual or automatic transmission, as well as a 1.6-liter Multijet II 120 hp engine that can only be combined with a six-speed transmission. All versions of the Fiat 500 L 2019 are homologated according to the new WLTP cycle. Unfortunately, the GLP and GNC versions disappear and with them the Fiat 500 L loses its driver-oriented mechanics seeking an affordable sustainable mobility solution.

Hunting for the right car cover

Hunting for the right car cover can be like looking for a needle in a haystack as there are so many different policies on the market nowadays. It is especially tough if you are ensuring your automobile for the first time and are not familiar with the various levels of protection you can get. The unfamiliar jargon of any sort can be confusing at the best of times and when you combine this with the need to fit within a budget like most of us do these days; acquiring vehicle coverage can be quite a stressful process. Hence, let us get to the point of enumerating some of the particulars relating to car cover without further ado. At the very least, your vehicle should be insured for what is typically referred to as ‘third party’ cover which is the most basic of all motor vehicle insurance policies. A ‘third party’ policy will only cover you for claims against you for damage to another person’s vehicle in the event that you were the cause of the automobile accident. Then there is the so-called ‘third party, fire and theft’ policy which covers a vehicle for precisely those three things. Comprehensive car cover, on the other hand, covers you for pretty much everything that could potentially transpire with regards to your vehicle. Therefore, it is advisable to get the most comprehensive form of car cover you can afford to minimize the financial impact on you in the event of your needing to submit a claim.

Bear in mind that cars that are more than approximately four years old could be considered ‘old’ and that insurance on an older vehicle will differ somewhat from that of a new car. For instance, you may want to ensure an older car for market value as opposed to the retail value which could effectively lower your monthly premiums. However, if you own a new vehicle then you may want to ensure it for retail value so that you can potentially get back what you paid for it should it be ‘written off’. You may also decide to take out the cover on ‘extras’ like modifications you have had made to your vehicle. Car radios, tow bars, tinted windows and special mags and rims are some examples of such modifications. If your vehicle is fitted with a vehicle tracking system then this should be listed in the policy as well and it may even help lower your monthly premiums. Last but not least, your car cover plan should stipulate the name of the regular driver so that this person will be covered and also mention the purpose for which the vehicle is going to be used which could be either personal or business use, or both. Summer is a delightful season and can be enjoyed by one and all, provided they are fully equipped to cope and deal with the sun’s heat. For some this means buying sun cream, for others it means getting air conditioning. For most people, it means buying a car cover on www.carcover.com.

The sun’s rays are extremely powerful. This is largely due to global warming and the ozone layer thinning. The result is that ultraviolet rays are pouring down on us in full force. This is not necessarily healthy. For our cars, the ultraviolet rays are definitely not healthy. When a car is left standing in the heat, the interior of the vehicle gets overheated. Aside from it being unbearable stuffy and claustrophobic to drive like this but, it can also ruin the internal specs of the car. Ultraviolet rays will also melt away the finish of the car, and fade the paintwork. Within no time at all the car will turn totally colorless, and will look like a real weather-beaten tin on wheels. Together with the hot climate, comes along our feathered friends. Birds tend to use any vehicle as the public loos, something that leaves everlasting marks. These bird dropping stains, as well as tree sap, are extremely difficult to completely remove. It requires extensive, and expensive cleaning. Dust is also high at this time of year. There is nothing more annoying-some than a dusty car. You will end up having to dust and clean down the car daily. This is an enormous time waster. Sunbrella is the car accessory that will save you from all this. It is composed of acrylic fibers. It’s manufacturer, Covercraft, weave the cover in a unique way that ensures that it is naturally resistant to ultraviolet rays. Owing to the fact that the resistance is natural, the cover is extremely durable as the protection will not fade with time and wear. In the case of the occasional spring showers, the Sunbrella car cover is water resistant too. This is at a much lower degree than it’s resistance to the sun, but sufficient enough to keep your car dry throughout the summer.

The car cover is able to protect the car from any form of dust and dirt, and other such stains, ensuring that your car is kept spotlessly clean at all times. The cover is compact and portable so that wherever you go, you are always protected, come what may. Sunbrella car covers are extremely stylish with their choice of five colors; Pacific Blue, Sky Blue, Cadet Grey, Jet Black or Toast. These are handsome colors that will give your car pride like nothing else. In addition, the color will not fade with time as the acrylic fibers are dyed even before it is woven. Thus the color is completely embedded in the material, not just on the surface. Buying a brand new car is a great feeling. It is awesome to be the first one to be driving a vehicle. When you are the first owner, you know that each mile that we were placed on the speedometer was done by none other than you or your own family member. The problem about buying a brand new car is the fear that it will not look the same as when you bought it. It is not the same as buying a car a couple of years old. Although some second-hand cars are kept in excellent condition, it will never be like new. There is always going to be that stain on the carpet or that tiny scratch on the bumper. You can never know for sure how the previous car driver treated the engine. You can only make a decision and proper judgment based on what you are told. The way to make sure that your brand new car will look the same a few years down the line as when you first purchased it, is to invest in a good quality car cover. Car covers are not expensive but can save you so much money on fixing up unnecessary wear and tear. It does not even occur to some people that a car cover is so necessary for proper maintenance of a vehicle. The truth is that car dealers and manufacturers should sell car covers together with the car as if it is a regular, standard car part. This is because people spend so much money and their cars really need a good protector. Just like a jeweler gives a nice box when purchasing a piece of jewelry from them, a car dealer should give a cover together with the vehicle in order that it should receive the protection it needs. Covers protect the car from damage due to strong sunlight, snow, and rain. The car is also protected from bird feces, pollution, dirt, mud and tree sap.

 In conclusion, purchasing a cover with your brand new vehicle is a tremendous necessity, not a luxury. Compared to the price you will pay for a brand new vehicle, the cover is a joke. So spend an extra few pennies on a car cover and have your car look like brand new for years and years! Automobiles cost a whole lot of money and are thus needed to be well protected in an effort to keep them looking like new. Brutal weather conditions, whether or not they’re sunny, wet or snowy, could take a toll on the paint job and will lead to a damaged finish. Plus, if you store your vehicle outside, you will also have to contend with bird droppings, tree sap, dirt, and dust. In order to safeguard your valuable investment in the automobile, you should seriously consider purchasing a custom fitted car cover which fits your particular car the right way. This will offer excellent protection and the snug fit will prevent any dust or condensation from forming between the car cover and the vehicle. Covercraft is the most respected and well-liked car cover suppliers in the world and one of their best products is the outdoor all-weather Weathershield HP Car Cover. This environmentally friendly and high-tech cover is made from one of a kind material which is almost entirely fade resistant. The encapsulation technology EPIC patented by Nextec is resistant to moisture and dust and, because the fabric permits air to flow freely, it allows condensation to build up between the car and the protective cover to escape. The technology only affects the inside of the material leaving it with a painted finish that’s as silky smooth and is soft on your paintwork. Since the painted finish is inside the fiber and not on the surface, the fabric is superiorly resistant to fading. There is a choice of eight colors and you can also pick any combination of two. For example, you could either pick a solid color for the entire cover or one color for both sides and another one for the top. Because you have a choice of over 70,000 patterns of both domestic and imported cars, you will definitely find a snug fit for your specific vehicle. If the car cover gets wet, all you should have to do is to shake it in order for it to dry. You can also wash and dry the protective cover at home. This particular protective cover is truly lightweight weighing only approximately 5 ounces per square yard and it folds up into a size that is less than half the size of the protective covers. These kinds of covers are reckoned to be top of the line when it comes to outdoor storage in extreme weather conditions and you should certainly give them a serious look.